Mission et de Vision

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The Swiss Shareholders’ Association (SUISHARE) has been established, in 2017 as a not-for-profit organization, to protect and advance;

  • Ethical business environments
  • the interests of investors in the Swiss Market,
  • interests of all other stakeholders.


In ensuring appropriate ethical and governance standards, shining a light on corporate misbehavior and identifying rogue executives, SUISHARE aims to protect the Swiss economy, all those who rely on it and the overall good image of Switzerland.



Through an improved Oversight model, education and building communities, SUISHARE aims to further a vibrant, enlightened and empowered investor community by championing investor rights, promotion of financial literacy, corruption prevention and advocacy of progressive industry practices. These steps will support economic growth, create jobs, improve the standard of living, and protect the value of investments.


Our vision is to allow people safer and fulfilling lives through increasing awareness about, and by raising the standards of ethics and corporate governance in Swiss companies.


SUISHARE will press for improvements in transparency and accountability in relation to company performance, executive behavior, executive remuneration, treatment of minority shareholders, risk management and dividend policy.


As more and more first-time investors turn to the markets to help secure their futures, pay for homes, provide for their children’s future, our investor protection mission is more compelling than ever.


As technology advances allowing wrong minded company actors to hide misbehavior and cover their tracks, there is even greater need for a modernised and sound market oversight in order to avoid corporate malfeasance. The current 19th century governance principles that are largely still operative must be aligned to the 21st century.


SUISHARE knows that the world of investing is fascinating and yet complex, and that by far the best way for investors to protect the money they put into the securities markets is to get some education on the theme, do research and ask questions. SUISHARE provides such a platform, a knowledge base for investors to use to judge for themselves whether to buy, sell, or hold a particular security. Only through the steady flow of timely, comprehensive, and accurate information can people make sound investment decisions.



Our mission is to ensure the ethical conduct, efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability of Companies on behalf of Shareholders and other Stakeholders. SUISHARE provides a check and balance on the role and power of company leadership.


Genuinely good governance requires a commitment to expose fraud, waste and abuse. SUISHARE members support other Shareholders and Stakeholders to ensure their investment in the respective companies is utilised effectively, efficiently, and transparently, and produce the maximum returns.


We identify problems, shine light on situations, and propose improvements or reforms to prevent abuses from being repeated.


We inform and assist regulatory authorities around the world investigate misbehavior in order to resolve problems before they escalate to melt-down situations, causing damage to Shareholders and other Stakeholders.


  • Lead and advocate fair, open and transparency industry regulations, governance, policies and practices.
  • Protect the interests of all other stakeholders such as Employees, Customers, service providers, etc.
  • Empower investors through education and information
  • Protect, safeguard and champion the rights of investors.



  • To protect investors, all other stakeholders, by bringing oversight into the 21st century
  • SUISHARE mitigates damage to the company, its share- and stakeholders by supporting regulatory authorities become aware early of legal infractions so that the authorities can take expedient action. In this way, Suishare supports fair, orderly, and efficient markets.
  • SUISHARE ensures the rights of Shareholders and other Stakeholders are upheld
  • SUISHARE aims to ensure that shareholders perform and exert their proper influence as owners of the businesses in which they invest.
  • SUISHARE through oversight acts as a corporate integrity watchdog.
  • SUISHARE protects and addresses concerns of shareholders.
  • SUISHARE provides a forum for members to meet and discuss matters affecting the companies and their investments.
  • SUISHARE advocates for shareholders through campaigns and lobbying
  • SUISHARE scrutinises Board performance and behavior.
  • SUISHARE improves shareholder and stakeholder knowledge through regular education workshops
  • SUISHARE can represent shareholders at AGMs through our Proxy service.
  • SUISHARE will conduct financial education aimed at the youth of Switzerland.