Investor Education

Through education SUISHARE subscribers’ can become better corporate citizens; improve their investment skills and consequently investment performance. Our goal is to equip both novice and experienced investors with the education, tools and training needed to better understand the economy, invest more successfully, and to be better able to rapidly recognize companies that can deliver superior price and dividend returns reliably, over the longer term. SUISHARE training programs and investor events will empower investors to be able to make better informed choices about financial products and investments, while exerting influence to enact corrective measures for companies who deviate from ethical and governance norms.


SUISHARE will offer education and training through a palette of both live evening seminars around Switzerland conducted by leaders in their fields, as well as online investor education services, providing superior educational content online that allows investors to build their knowledge at their own pace.


One should not underestimate the knowledge & insights that can be acquired through frequent attention to the regularly updated information on the SUISHARE website, reading the research results there and following and contributing to the discussions on the SUISHARE website.


Our trainings, seminars and events will be announced on the website in our Events section as soon as these have been finalized.