Regulatory Authorities

SUISHARE’s foremost priority is strengthening and protecting companies through correct oversight and appropriate corporate governance. SUISHARE prefers to work with companies to pro-actively prevent misbehaviour, rather than worst case scenarios of seeing punishment dispensed onto companies with collateral damage to employees, shareholders as well as reputational damage. It is paramount to SUISHARE to ensure that corporate meltdowns like Swissair, UBS, Tyco, Enron, Madoff, do not happen again, particularly in Switzerland.


We will fully support Regulatory Authorities in their investigations into misbehaviour. We also assist whistle-blowers, ensuring the issues of their concern are reported to the appropriate authorities and corrective measures enacted. SUISHARE also ensures that whistle-blowers obtain the appropriate monetary rewards while maintaining their personal protection.


We are particularly dedicated to ensure that fines levied on companies are recovered through claw-backs from the perpetrators, and that bad behaviour is not rewarded. That shareholders are the first in line to bear the burden of fines – as currently is the norm – is unacceptable.



Regulatory Authorities and law enforcement from anywhere in the world can contact us via: team [ @ ]