Youth Chapter

To foster the next generation of financially informed citizens, it is imperative to reach out with appropriate financial education to the youth of Switzerland.


The Rise of Generation Z also known as the New Media Generation (young people who have not lived in an age without the Internet), who source almost all their knowledge online, need to understand how to select online financial information carefully, so as to be discerning and not be vulnerable to incorrect information and bad investing advice.


In the new digital world it is the crucial responsibility for each person to take control of their own finances from a young age. We are all faced with increasing sophistication of financial products. Therefore the knowledge and skills necessary to manage day-to-day finances should be acquired early in order to make prudent investments and plan for future needs.


At 18 years of age, young citizens can open a trading account, and some people even receive shares early in life from grandparents. The new generation needs to be ready for this responsibility! Educating young people early on financial literacy has many benefits.


SUISHARE thus has a Youth Chapter in order to cover these important needs.


Youth Vision

Towards a well educated and knowledgeable investing youth population that are financially immunised through relevant education.


Youth Mission

Contribute towards Switzerland remaining the leading Financial Hub – by investing in the financial quotient of our youths, our future finance leaders.

  • Raise the awareness of our younger generation on financial literacy and investment knowledge
  • Provide students with the fundamental tools to start learning the ropes of investing
  • Foster ties between students from schools, Universities and Colleges. and industry
  • Mold future leaders for the Swiss Financial Industry


Once we have the core of SUISHARE active, we will roll out more details of our Youth Education Program.