SUISHARE is privy to a vast amount of incorrect company and impropper employee behavior via our confidential reporting lines. SUISHARE volunteers, with the appropriate expertise (e.g. retired lawyers) analyse, triangulate and double check the data‘s voracity. We then select the best course of remedial action.


In the best case SUISHARE assists companies to adopt enhanced corporate governance models to prevent misbehavior, rather than facing punitive measures and reputation damage. Other than this SUISHARE takes appropriate steps toward regulatory action and pursue legal resolutions.


Presently we look forward to hear from Legal Firms around the world who are particularly adept at high value, class action suits across international boundaries.


Our prosecution philosophy is that first in line to pay damages for criminal misconduct and ethics violations should be Directors (for lack of appropriate oversight) and company management (who need to ensure misbehavior does not occur).


SUISHARE would like to expand its legal partner database so would welcome your contact. Please do send us your co-ordinates and fields of expertise. Naturally this data is handled confidentially. We will reach out to you as the needs arise.


Email: legal [ @ ]