Visiting an AGM

Attending an AGM

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is typically the only time during the year when shareholders, directors and company management interact.


An AGM, is required by law to be held each calendar year. The main purpose of an AGM is to comply with legal requirements, such as the presentation and approval of the audited accounts, election of directors, and appointment of auditors for the new accounting term. Other items that usually are discussed include compensation of officers, confirmation of proposed dividend, and issues raised by the shareholders.


If you have never attended an AGM, the thought can be quite intimidating.  SUISHARE would like to help first time AGM attendees overcome the initial unfamiliarity of attendance. Additionally, for forthcoming AGM’s, SUISHARE would like to ensure that a SUISHARE volunteer is on hand 30 min to an hour before the AGM begins in order to show SUISHARE members who are unfamiliar about the AGM, the layout and functioning of that AGM, and generally what they can expect.


If you look at the SUISHARE resources, you will see in the AGM section, dates and times of the AGM’s in Switzerland as well as what kind of refreshments are offered.


Before the AGM

Leading up to the AGM date you will receive from the company an invitation to attend. If you wish to attend please return the form to the company so that you receive the agenda, your entry ticket and voting materials in time.


If you are a Shareholder and have not received an invitation to the AGM, it might be that your shares have not been registered with the company. You cannot register shares yourself. This needs to be done by institution through which you bought the shares. If you believe that shares have been registered you can check this with the company.


For Shareholder Registries of Swiss companies please see our resources section:


If you cannot attend the AGM in person, please do consider nominating SUISHARE as your proxy. In the relevant section of the form to return to the share registry please note the SUISHARE independent proxy and write the following on the form; (This feature will be activated for the 2018 AGM season)


The positions we intend to take at any companies AGM’s can be seen here: (This feature will be activated for the 2018 AGM season)

On the AGM Day

Most companies offer a free voucher for travel on public transport in the city where the AGM is held. SUISHARE recommends public transport as car parking is usually very limited.


You will first need to check in and receive –depending on the company – some method by which to cast your vote. Usually for larger companies this is some type of electronic voting device. Depending on the security dispositive of the company you may need to pass through a security check.



It is customary that prior to, and sometimes after the AGM, some refreshments are offered. This can be anything from drinks and snacks, to a proper meal. Pre-AGM refreshments are especially welcoming as Shareholders tend to arrive at a good time before the AGM begins, allowing them time to catch up with fellow Shareholders, old colleagues and acquaintances.


Please see what companies offer in the SUISHARE Resource “Annual General Meeting”


During the meeting
The Agenda you received will have explained the topics that will be covered. You as a shareholder should be able to vote* on the resolutions and election of company officers, as well as ask questions of the company leadership.