Subscriber Benefits


SUISHARE subscription empowers investors! SUISHARE collectively can exert a much greater influence on companies than an individual investor can hope to achieve. Collectively we have a strong voice and much greater influence. By unifying subscribers’ votes, and reaching out to all Stakeholders, SUISHARE becomes a far more effective voice in the market.


There are many benefits:

  • Be heard – we represent your interests at AGMs, in business, government and the media.
  • Meet and network with like-minded investors through regular meetings across Switzerland and by taking part in discussions on our website.
  • Engage, communicate and influence by joining us on visits to companies where we will pose questions to Board and company leadership.
  • Engender and maintain a good relationship with journalists.



SUISHARE is focused on providing informative education workshops and seminars for investors in areas such as understanding annual reports, managing ones portfolio and making investment choices. This is in addition to the online investment discussions and other online materials. Learn through research, information, education and training:

  • Beginners to experienced investors can profit from our high quality education events to build knowledge and stay informed.
  • Content is provided in a variety of formats, online and at member meetings.
  • View our member-only company monitoring of Switzerland’s top companies.
  • Learn how to make your voice heard.


Extensive Network

SUISHARE’s growing network of company monitors across Switzerland will enable us to cover the Swiss companies of the SMI & SPI. As a member you can make your voice heard either on our discussion boards, in articles you submit, or by contacting SUISHARE privately. In the near future as the number of Subscribers grow, we will also be able to provide a full time office with telephone support. SUISHARE will speak out about issues affecting you as a shareholder.



Regular Meetings

As a subscriber of SUISHARE’s network of like-minded and concerned investors, you can take part in regular  meetings with top quality speakers. These are planned to be held regularly around Switzerland.




We aim from time to time to be able to partner with 3rd party suppliers and offer discounts on relevant items such as investment books, software, online subscriptions, workshops and financial services. These discounts will be posted on our website.




Protect your investments through the influence of our united voice;

  • Keep up to date through the daily news feed on our highly informative website.
  • Be better informed. Use our online company monitoring and research on SMI & SPI-listed companies.
  • Appoint SUISHARE as your proxy and make your vote count.
  • Influence the board and company directors. Keep them accountable for company performance, executive remuneration, risk management and dividend policies.

We look forward to welcome you as a subscriber if you are not one already!