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SUISHARE offers a variety of subscriptions. Subscribers identities are not visible on the SUISHARE website, only being identified through a „username“

The reason behind a monetary subscription is primarily the costs of IT, both servers and programming. Additionally SUISHARE aims to set up permanent offices in Switzerland, London and eventually Washington, thus there will be overheads to pay, as well as some paid staff to ensure that these offices are always reachable particularly by phone.

We aim that the value we generate for the subscribers in knowledge, discussions, outreach, products and community is greater then the subscription fee.

Types of Subscription:

Junior (50.- Fr)

A subscription for young people aged between 16 and not passed their 21st Birthday.

The subscription allows access to all features within SUISHARE, as well as special events like visits to companies and meeting top executives. This will perhaps lay the foundation for later career choices. There will also be an annual stock market simulation game, with prize money, for individuals or teams to take part in.

Most important though is the education, experience and familiarity with the Swiss Market that will be gained.

SUISHARE is happy to partner with Finance Institutions who may like to give Junior Subscriptions away as a premium to young customers.

Individual Shareholder (120.- Fr)

Individual shareholders over 21 years of age will have access to a wide variety of current information, can track their Shareholdings, take part in discussion groups, and access a wide range of company specific resources. Additionally, the opportunity to visit leading Swiss Companies, tour their operations, meet the senior managers and ask questions.

Corporate (4‘900.- Fr)


This subscription is of benefit to financial institutions and to Swiss listed companies (excluding SMI Companies).

Benefit for Finance Providers

  • Access to all online resources.
  • Ensure all your data on the site is up to date
  • Access to what customers and companies are thinking.
  • React to customers on SUISHARE forums
  • Request SUISHARE to adjudicate false posts
  • Company news you might not find anywhere else.
  • Opportunity to present at / host SUISHARE  events.
  • Add unlimited events / seminars to SUISHARE resources
  • 1 free annual advertisement on SUISHARE pages (carousel)
  • Line of communication directly to SUISHARE
  • Enhance your image and reputation by being visible, your inputs & taking part
  • and many more…..

Benefit for Companies

  • Access to all online resources – voting intentions and monitor reports.
  • Allow investors to see all pertinent publications / events / contacts in 1 standardised location
  • Follow the Forums & Discussions to see what investors are discussing about your company
  • Request SUISHARE to adjudicate false posts
  • Opportunity to interface with a large base of mid and small loyal shareholders who with a greater insight can be amazing ambassadors for a company.
  • Opportunity to present at SUISHARE  events.
  • Line of communication directly to SUISHARE
  • Add events from your Financial Calendar to SUISHARE centralised resources
  • Include all your Financial publications in the SUISHARE centralised Repository so that shareholders across all companies have a single location for their document needs.
  • Enhance your image and reputation by being visible, your inputs & taking part
  • and many more…..

Swiss SMI companies

SUISHARE intends to reach out to SMI companies, many of whom are exemplary in their Governance, to present SUISHARE’s vision of the future of Corporate Governance and Oversight.

For any questions about Subscribing please email SUISHARE at: team [a] suishare.com