Laufende Entwicklungen

Übersetzung ist in Bearbeitung.


SUISHARE has brought the launch of the website forward by about 6 months due to many questions raised at the unsatisfactory Credit Suisse AGM on Friday 28 April.

What will be rapidly changing on the site in the next coming days, weeks, months:

  • Translation of all pages to German & French.
  • Refining the content of the SUISHARE site.
  • Completing our Advisory Board.

As growing membership helps SUISHARE gain momentum, the following additional services will be rolled out.

  • Reduce the burden on volunteers while increasing the services to shareholders and other stakeholders by setting up of permanent staffed offices with full time paid administrative staff. Volunteer experts, both financial and legal, are then free to focus specifically on assisting subscribers (shareholders and other stakeholders) with their questions & concerns.
  • Enhanced co-ordination of the permanent staff & volunteers in the oversight functions of Swiss companies.
  • Expanding the education program with regular courses to help shareholders responsibly discharge the obligations of ownership, facilitating better capital allocation by owners, and better engagement between owners and directors.
  • Organising public presentations by leading financial and regulatory leaders to help shareholders and stakeholders better understand the economy.
  • Increase engagement levels with business through company visits by shareholders, intended to be mutually rewarding for shareholders, boards and management alike.
  • Increase the level of political and government advocacy on both shareholder and business matters.
  • Heightend co-operation with other international groups, such as Transparency International.

Additionally, a group of computer scientists, expert programmers with support of the SUISHARE team are refining an Artificial Intelligence based Corruption Detection System. This will be an asset to companies that engage with SUISHARE in improved oversight and a challenge for others.