My Suishare

My Suishare is a Suishare Members own personal area. Here one has a Dashboard overview of ones own Shareholdings, A jumping off point of ones own contribution to the many discussion Forums, ability to send private messages to other Members, receive Notifications generally about the Association, and modify ones online details.

Here you have many options to keep track daily of your Swiss Portfolio.

As a registered Member you have the opportunity to follow, contribute and even set up a Forum. The value of Forums is that ideas are exchanged, but particularly, it is a valuable tool if you need a deeper insight into a subject, or particularly a Company (where data usually is seen before it is in any other media).


If you know the User name of a friend, you can message with them within the system. Alternatively you may be impressed enough with the knowledge of a fellow member, you can send them a message based on their User name.


Occasionally the Suishare Team will send you a message, usually concerning system upgrades and improvements. Please do not hesitate as a Member, to let the  Suishare Team know how they can better improve your user experience.


This is the area where Members can change their details such as Address, Phone Number, and Password.